Welsh death metal bastards Desecration have been causing mayhem and controversy with their brutal yet catchy sound since the mid-nineties. In 1995 copies of their ‘Gore and Perversion’ album were infamously seized and incinerated by the Gwent Constabulary for what they deemed to be its obscene nature. The ensuing court case and media furore firmly established the name Desecration in the South Wales scene and beyond. Not that this band were all media hype and no substance. No fuckin’ way!>

Subsequent albums have seen the band consolidate their brutal sound. ‘Murder in Mind’, ‘Inhuman’, ‘Pathway to Deviance', ‘Gore & PerVersion 2’ (a re-recording of the original album)and Process of Decay (dealing with the complete decomposition of a corpse from the moment of the murder through to the burial) each have been more uncompromising than the last and earned Desecration an international fanbase and critical acclaim.Their countless live performances and touring alongside the likes of Vader, Cryptopsy, Extreme Noise Terror, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Suffocation have also helped to solidify the live attack, meaning that the band have performed at nearly all of the major European extreme metal festivals over the past few years.

Recently Desecration have written and recorded their latest studio album 'Forensix' and are preparing the forthcoming tours and fesival appearances to support the new record. This new album sees the band step more into the realms of science with Ollie (vocals and guitar) using his many years of experience as a mortician as inspiration for the lyrical content for the album.

Rest assured: Desecration are here to stay. Look out for them laying waste to a town near you.