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December 31st 2007

The festive season is over, and we'd like to extend a raised glass to all the promoters and other bands that we shared the stage with over the christmas festivals, but mostly we'd like to thank the people that came along and made them worth doing.

2008 will see us entering the studio to record our 6th album and we are confirming more and more festivals day by day. So far Neurotic deathfest in Holland, Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic and Caos Emergente in Portugal are on our hitlist, and there will be more confirmations in the next few weeks. So watch this space.

In the meantime, go out, drink all the vodka you can get your hands on and stay metal as fuck for the remainder of 2007!!!

November 27th 2007

Antichristmas season is upon us and we begin with the first of 3 festival headline appearances this Saturday in Ireland. This will be closely followed by one in Bristol on the 16th and another on the 29th in London. See the gigs page for full details of the venues.

Work on the album is still underway with nearly all the music complete.No riff or even drum fill is being left unscrutinised in our efforts to bring you the best album we possibly can.

Meanwhile some festival appearances for next year are in the planning stage so watch this space for details as and when they come through.

November 12th 2007

The Finland, Estonian and Russian tour with our punk brothers Extreme Noise Terror was a complete success this weekend. We played every gig and nobody was shot at the Russian border! Photos are up on our myspace site

June 18th 2007

Gore & PerVersion 2 has been repressed as a white disc edition, the first 50 copies have been signed and numbered by Ollie and Mic and are only available from the band, check out the merchandise section for details.

March 3rd 2007 OK, it's been a long time since I've updated this part of the webshite but I'll try and keep it brief with news related to what's happening this month.

First of all, as you may have seen by all the 13,000,000 bulletins floating around myspace recently, we're off on a UK tour with Severe Torture and Evile starting on the 14th March in good old Wales and then travelling to as many crap venues as we could fit in in just over a week.

Finishing up the tour we then are playing Cardiff with the mighty Taint , local noisy bastards The Keep and El Sid . That is one heavy as fuck line up so if you can make to show your support for these Welsh bands it would be awesome. Tickets are available from .

We're still working on writing for the new album, the music is about 3/4 complete so far and we're all very excited with how it's turning out! There will possibly be at least one new song aired on all these upcoming shows, so please let us know what you think.

April so far has festival appearances booked in Germany with Extreme Noise Terror and Detonation and also a short Irish tour, but more details about that next month.

Stay tuned fuckers!

November 29th 2006

Process Of Decay has now been licensed to Epitomite Productions for release in the USA ( Be sure to pick yourself up a copy with the new artwork!!

Unfortunately the gigs we had booked with Hecate Enthroned have all been cancelled. Apologies to all that wanted to come, it was totally out of our control.

October 18th 2006

Ollie will be taking part of a reality TV series called 'Singing with the Enemy' which his other band Amputated will be starring in. The series is due to air on BBC in January.

This unfortunately means that we have had to pull out of our gig with Exodus in Manchester on November 1st, which although regrettable is unavoidable due to the filming of the series taking place at the same time.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime the music for approximately half of the next album has been written and the band are currently working hard on the rest of the material.

March 6th 2006

First off, unfortunately the gig we had booked with Necrophagist has unfortunately been cancelled due to Necrophagist just having had to replace their guitarist.

Next the gig we have in Reading on the 1st April has been moved from the Rising Sun to the Face Bar.

New European tour dates with Extreme Noise Terror, Amputated and Cold Lazarus have also been announced on the gigs page.

September 1st 2005

The original Gore & Perversion is to be released on vinyl towards the end of the year, it will include the full lyrics and artwork. Watch this space.

July 1st 2005

Pete has left Desecration due to other commitments. We're sure he's had a great time with us and we're sorry to see him go, we wish him all the best for the future. As some of you might know Andi from Amputated filled in for the last tour in place of Pete, and now we are delighted to welcome him aboard as the new bassist.
So....a couple more shows in July and we will start writing new material, taking a break from gigs and stuff. Keep desecrating!

June 2th 2005

The European tour went well, what a nice load of guys Goratory, Skinless and Fleshless are! Also met some cool people at Fuck the commerce. We will continue with a UK tour with Vader and Lost Soul (check the gigs section now). Pete can't make this tour so Andi from Amputated will be filling his stinking boots.

April 6th 2005

Merchandise for Process of Decay is now available from the merchandise page.

March 2nd 2005

New album Process of Decay (featuring Morbid Mark from Amputated on guest vocals) now available from the merchandise page.

January 19th 2005

European dates with Goratory, Skinned & Fleshless announced.

December 24th 2004

Murder in Mind LP now available. Includes the mangled remains demo and full lyric sheet on grey/red splatter vinyl. Click here to buy it.

October 29th 2004

Desecration are to be main support for Suffocation in the UK. Check the gigs page for more details.

October 20th 2004

An MP3 from the forthcoming album 'Process of Decay' has been added to the media section. Check out 'Bacterial Breakdown' now!!

September 27th 2004

Hey all, a lots been happenning lately. Main news is that we've finished recording of our new album 'Process of Decay'. It was recorded and mixed by Dan Turner who's been doing the latest Cradle of Filth album, and previously worked wtih Napalm Death, Anathema (yeah i know..but what i'm saying is he knows what he's doing!). We're well pleased with it, just got to get the artwork sorted out and it's ready. Should be out at the end of the year.
Also, the vinyl edition of Murder in mind is due out on Hells Headbangers in November, see their site for details. If you wanna see the LP front cover it's here:
The remastered releases of Murder In Mind and Inhuman CDs are now out and on sale on our merchandise page, take advantage of the offer we're doing if you want both!
Other news is live shit really, we just came back from the wicked NRW deathfest in Germany, had a great time there, some really cool people in that part of the world. We're doing a few shows in the UK up until the end of the year and are planning a European tour in the spring.
Thanks for your ongoing supporting, keep desecrating!!!

September 13th 2004

The band have now finished the recording of 'Process of Decay'. There is no release date announced yet, but the full tracklisting is now up on the discography page.

August 21st 2004

As of 22nd August Desecration will be locked up in Philia studios for 2 weeks to record 'Process of Decay', the fifth album for Copro Records.

May 22nd 2004 'Fuck me! Some news' you're saying? Yeah I know but you'll be pleased to know we've been busy writing new material for our next album. We'll be in Philia Studio in August recording our fifth full length album for Copro Records, entitled 'PROCESS OF DECAY'. We're happy with the way it's sounding so far, slightly different, but of course still heavy, gory and brutal, the way we and you like it!
This summer will also see re-releases of 'MURDER IN MIND' and 'INHUMAN'. Re-mastered, with new art and bonus material, we've not decided exactly what that is yet, possibly live video clips, any suggestions?
We're all very busy with the three of us involved in other bands aswell as 'the Des', but keep an eye on the gigs page for upcoming UK shows and try and catch us. As always thanks for your support and keep desecrating, stay metal!


August 10th 2003

The 'Murder In Mind' album is getting a makeover in a limited edition vinyl format, including a brand new cover and lyrics included.

Released in mid-2004 by Hells Headbanger (, this is sure to become an undergound collectors classic.

July 27th 2003

Few small updates to the site...

New stuff on the merchandise page, plus some of the older stuff is cheaper too, can't be bad, can it???

Also, added some pics to the media page (including one of the van after the little accident in Prague!!!), and some guitar tabs courtesy of Straker, one of the guestbook regulars, ta very much mate.

l8rz \m/

July 20th 2003

Well fellow pervs, I think it's time for another long overdue update to the site eh? It was down recently for a fortnight due to to registration renewal nothing more!

Well, we've just come back from Czech Republic having played on the Obscene Extreme Festival, had a great time there again apart from a car crash in Prague (nobody injured luckily!), so thanks to everyone involved in the fest and to everyone who came and supported us, you were all great!!

In the urethra of Desecration, we have some good live clips that will soon be added to the media section for download, and there is talk of a vinyl release of an earlier album, but I think that will be early next year, it will include lyrics for the first time ever, we'll keep you informed of that as we get news in.

Check out the merchandise page for new shit, including the long awaited 'Raping The Corpse' Remix single, very limited, so get one now!! I also have a distribution on the go, check out the list too!!

Thanks everyone for signing the guestbook, it's cool to read your comments and safe as fuck for keeping in touch.......keep desecrating!

April 24th 2003

Hey dethsters,

Finally managed to get the album released, but unfortunately the European tour has been postponed for now, however we are playing a few European festivals towards the end of the summer, following some UK dates. Hope to catch ya in some dark dingy noisy shitpit soon.

\m/ stay metal


March 9th 2003

A few updates to the site, more upcoming gig dates announced plus the new album and single covers unveiled!! There's some price cuts on the merchandise page as well, cheap CDs can't be bad.

Also, check out page 10 of Kerrang (issue out on 5th March) for a couple of familiar faces.

February 13th 2003


Desecration have run into trouble over the up-coming release 'Gore & PerVersion 2' again!! Due out on April 7th, the pressing plant have concerns over the printing of the album!

Here we go again.......

February 7th 2003

On April 7th 2003 we will finally be releasing the long awaited re-recorded 'Gore & PerVersion 2' through Copro Records (COP 26). You won't be disappointed, the songs are just as brutal, well even more so and a lot faster than before! No doubt there will be some new merchandise to coincide with the release. Also, around that time there will be a bloody red 7" (strictly limited to 500 copies) single of 'Raping The Corpse' (remix - we aren't talking dance here!). We are very much looking forward to these releases and also what you think of them, so when they are in your grubby hands let us know!!
As for live performances, there is a tour of Europe planned for April, including a couple of festivals, so if you wanna catch us, keep an eye on the gigs section for details.
Keep desecrating!

December 8th 2002

Not much news, just pissing around with the site design, added a few new photos from the recent european tour (including pics of Ollie and Mike in their favourite porn store in Germany). The old pictures section is now called 'media' because it's there that I'm going to put up stuff like MP3s (6 of which have already been put there, click here), videos etc, as well as pics.

Stay metal! \m/

December 5th 2002

Heya deathsters,

Just recovering from the blood and sweat of another short UK tour (most of that blood came courtesy of the Bridgend boys, looked good on camera too!), and got some more news. Pete is now a permanent member of the band. We've had some great times with John, and give a big metal salute for all the years we had to put up with him!!! ;-)

Also, the long awaited (?) Gore and Perversion 2002 (which we re-recorded in 2001) will hopefully be released within the first couple of months of 2003! So fuck knows wot we'll be calling it! But it'll be good. And sick. We're currently booking a date to master the album.

There may be the possibility of a forthcoming EP, we're working on new material which may or may not be used..

Catch ya soon in some dingy shithole, maybe in The Verge, London on Jan 16th. Pissed. Or summin.

Stay metal, and leave scars!


September 16th 2002

An email from Ollie...

Hell-O, thought it was about time (overdue again eh?) we updated the site on what's going down in the camp. Biggest piece of news recently is the departure of Lee. No bad feelings here, basically he is committed to his family, he has enjoyed his spell with Desecration immensely but we are now looking for a replacement lead guitarist (anyone?). Also, at the moment John is taking time out, so we have Pete, the bass player of Mulch filling in until we know what's what. Lee quitting hasn't stopped us from performing live though. We are back on the 'Pathway through Europe', next leg being Spain and France. Look out for the UK tour in November too!

The Czech Republic tour was great, we'd like to thank Curby from Obscene Productions for setting up the tour, and to Fleshless, Abaddon Incarnate and everyone who came along to the shows, nice one! The mixing and release of the re-recording of the infamous Gore and Perversion is not yet scheduled If you can't wait to hear it, hurl some hassle in the way of our label ( Keep an eye on the pictures section for new piccies soon. We are also planning mp3 downloads of demo songs and a video clip or two. Let us know what you'd like to see here!! Keep desecrating!

September 16th 2002

Posted anonymously on the Desecration forum.....

Desecration Open Funeral Home Shock!
[Cropped from an interview in Funeral Directors Review]

'I first got the idea when I was relaxing in my silk lined coffee table cum coffin after a hard nights drinking' recalls Ollie the bands larger than life frontman. 'Since I'm a mortician and John (the bassist) digs graves this was a natural move for us and of course it pays well so we can fund the tours, and the hearse is big enough to fit mike's drums and a couple of cabs as well.'

When asked if there was any other motivation behind the move apart from regular and massive quantities of alcohol Ollie replied 'You need a certain gravity and grimness to be in a Death Metal band or people dont take you seriously. Planting old codgers six feet under in front of their grieving grandchildren is good practice. Besides which we use it to get material for the songs and the local vicar lets us use the chapel as a practice room, the acoustics are really great!'

When asked about his further plans to specialise in road accident cases and to eventually open a branch in Manchesters Moss side for victims of its tragic gangland culture Ollie was typically upbeat. 'With any luck we can do a sideline in shots from adrenal glands for the local punters.'

The picture disk version of Pathway To Deviance is now available in all good record stores.

August 15th 2002

I only come back when I'm trying to sell something, but this time it's worth it, check out the new 'Pathway to Deviance' picture disc in 'Merchandise', well smart.

And there's a couple of reviews in the 'Discography' section, few new links added. The band are also playing in Spain next month (dates to be confirmed) so if you happen to be in the sun in September and fancy a bit of violent gore-core, keep your eyes on the 'Gigs' section.


May 7th 2002 Long time since an update so just to keep you informed, the new CD 'Pathway to Deviance', is now out and getting some good stuff written about it (check out the metalireland review in the discography section), if you see it reviewed anywhere please let me know where.

Also there's some good stuff in merchandise, including the new CD and a couple of new shirts, ordering by snail-mail only, hoping to set up credit card ordering soon.


April 1st 2002 April Fools Day fuckers, welcome to the new look Desecration site. Don't get used to it, things are going to change, this is just a stop gap measure to get something on the web before the new albums come out.

Tell us what you want to see, MP3s, videos, pictures, interviews... just email in your ideas and we'll sort something out.

And now for some proper news, the band are just about to release their new album 'Pathway to Deviance' and it's a good one, look out for the review in Terrorizer issue 97 (which also contains a two page interview and a track on the cover CD).

Also to be released shortly is 'Gore and Perversion 2002', a reworking of the infamous (and banned) debut album from 1995. Is it any good? Don't know, I've not heard it yet but the band are excited about the release so hopefully you can get your hands on a copy this time around!

Keep coming back, there will be more stuff on here soon...